Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

Growers ready to use marginal lands for bioenergy crops

Energy crop developer Ceres, Inc. reports that growers are ready and willing to produce biomass for biopower and advanced biofuels, and have the land to do so. A company survey of U.S. growers showed that 71 percent of respondents were very interested or interested in growing dedicated energy crops. Moreover, 77 percent said they had under-utilized land on which to establish energy grasses such as switchgrass, sorghum and miscanthus.READ MORE

Evaluation proves Taurus Energy yeast

SEKAB E-Technology and Taurus Energy AB have successfully carried out a three-week long industrial demo scale evaluation of Taurus Energy's yeast. The yeast has been specially developed, and, in contrast to ordinary yeast, it can ferment pentose as well as hexose. Taurus Energy and SEKAB see this as a crucial step on the way towards commercializing a process for producing ethanol from cellulose-based raw materials.READ MORE

Gevo's isobutanol receives EPA registration

Englewood, Colo.-based Gevo Inc. received notification from the U.S. EPA that its isobutanol has successfully cleared registration for approval as a certified gasoline blendstock. The EPA's approval makes Gevo the first company to have isobutanol listed in the EPA's Fuel Registration Directory.READ MORE

Guardian Energy Holdings invests in Ohio plant

Guardian Energy Holdings LLC has acquired a majority state in a 54 MMgy ethanol plant in Lima, Ohio. ICM Inc. will retrofit and upgrade the plant, which has been standing idle since November 2008. Construction has already begun and the facility is expected to be operating again by the second quarter of 2011. "Everyone is excited about it," said Don Gales, CEO of Guardian Energy. "We like the geography and when ICM gets done rebuilding the plant we will have a very durable and cost-effective plant."READ MORE

Report finds Europeans highly supportive of biofuels

On Nov. 11 the European Commission released the results of a biotechnology report that explores public perceptions of biotechnology, including biofuels. Over all, the Eurobarometer survey found that 80 percent of Europeans are either in favor of, or unopposed to, biotechnology. Regarding biofuels, the report found 72 percent of Europeans feel that biofuels should be encouraged.READ MORE

EPA seeks input on mid-level ethanol storage

The U.S. EPA is accepting comments through Dec. 17 on proposed guidance demonstrating how owners and operators can comply with EPA's compatibility requirement for storing ethanol blends greater than 10 percent in underground storage tanks.READ MORE

EPA delays E15 decision to December

The U.S. EPA will wait until the U.S. DOE has completed testing of E15 on vehicle models 2001-'06 before it issues a final ruling on the use of E15 in those vehicles.READ MORE
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