Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

PureMash system provides antibiotic free antimicrobial solution

To produce ethanol, producers must create a pleasant environment for a living creature, yeast, which does the heavy lifting of converting sugars to alcohol. Unfortunately, other organisms also find the inside of a fermentation tank to be hospitable and compete with - and inhibit - the growth of yeast, lowering an ethanol producer's efficiency and production. To combat the growth of bacterial invaders such as Lactobacillus and Acetobacter, which produce organic acids that inhibit ethanol production, facilities have resorted to dosing their tanks with antibiotics. However, this has been a short term fix - tanks can become reinfected and the antibiotic leaves residues in the distillers grains, causing concerns with some feedlot operators. PureMash is a system developed by Resonant Biosciences LLC which greatly reduces bacterial contamination in ethanol plants without leaving antibiotic residues in the distillers grains, says company president Allen Ziegler.READ MORE

UOP raises prices on molecular sieve adsorbents

The cost of energy and raw materials has affected a niche market in the ethanol industry. UOP LLC announced April 15 that it's raising the cost of molecular sieve adsorbents used for ethanol dehydration.READ MORE

NGFA comments on Canadian DDG import rules

The National Grain and Feed Association has submitted comments to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, urging it to make significant changes to proposed rules on the importation of dried distillers grains into Canada. In a statement to the CFIA, the NGFA stressed the importance of the agency developing sound science- and risk-based policies to facilitate the safe production and use of DDG, while preserving cross-border trade.READ MORE

GPRE receives approval for R&D grant

Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc., an Omaha, Neb.-based company that operates a 50 MMgy corn ethanol plant in Shenandoah, Iowa, announced April 14 it has received preliminary approval for a $2.3 million grant to fund research and development of algae production for biofuels.READ MORE

Advanced biofuels organization formed

A Maryland-based nonprofit has been established to promote the interests of the advanced biofuels industry. The organization, Advanced Biofuels USA, which has a pending application for IRS 501(c)5 agricultural organization status, plans to give individuals, farm co-ops, start-up companies and large producers the opportunity to work together to advance common objectives.READ MORE

BIOMASS 08: BBI launches subsidiary

Mark Yancey, vice president of project development for BBI International, announced the formation of BBI BioVentures LLC at the International Biomass Conference & Trade Show in Minneapolis on April 16. The wholly owned subsidiary will develop and operate multiple cellulosic ethanol plants in the United States. Fagen Inc. will be BBI's preferred engineering, procurement and construction contractor. The plants will have an initial capacity of 4 MMgy to 5 MMgy. Future plants may be as large as 15 MMgy.READ MORE

BIOMASS 08: CVEC fires up gasifier

Frontline BioEnergy LLC announced the start-up of a biomass gasifier at Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co. in Benson, Minn., at the International Biomass Conference & Trade Show in Minneapolis on April 16. Norman Reese, general manager of Frontline, told attendees of a breakout session that the unit will displace 90 percent of the ethanol plant's natural gas usage by burning approximately 280 tons of wood waste per day.READ MORE

ICM reduces its workforce

ICM Inc., the ethanol industry's leading designer and process technology provider, has reduced its workforce by 105 employees, citing a sluggish economy and the declining U.S. dollar which the company said has made it difficult to find lenders to fund domestic projects.READ MORE

U.S. Congress, President passes farm bill extension

The U.S. House, Senate and President George W. Bush all agree - the current farm bill, enacted in 2002, will be extended until April 25. The extension gives House and Senate conferees time to resolve tax break disputes and other issues regarding the multi-billion dollar bill. The law was set to expire April 18.READ MORE

Poet opens new ethanol plant in Indiana

Over 1,000 people attended the grand opening of the Poet LLC biorefinery at Alexandria, Ind., on April 17. The $115 million facility will begin production April 22 and should be operating at its capacity - 65MMgy - within a week, according to plant general manager David Hudak.READ MORE
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